There is an increasing demand for improved chemical-resistant paint systems capable of protecting equipment, floor/decks, tanks and pipes against harsh chemicals such as hypochlorite, sour oils, solvents etc. State-of-the-art chemical-resistant coatings are based on epoxies or styrene-based vinylesters. The available systems perform well in many environments, but fail in harsher chemical environments, especially when subjected to more aggressive chemicals and higher temperatures. Thus, there is a need to develop a versatile chemical-resistant coating system, which is easily adaptable to both tank and atmospheric applications based on styrene and isocyanate free formulations. In addition, testing of chemical resistance performance is extremely time-consuming lasting typically up to 7 months. This means very long development times for new products and therefore a high demand for accelerated test methods. Input regarding new and innovative test methods will be covered in collaboration with R&D platform 3 - Test, modelling and validation.