Fast Track expert panel member, Per Møller, receives prestigious award

Professor Per Møller, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark was awarded the prestigious ”William Blum’s Scientific Achievement Award” on June 20th, 2017. The coveted prize within surface technology research is awarded by NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing) in the US. 

The prize is awarded to a person, who in theoretical as well as in practical ways has contributed to ground-breaking research within electro-chemical surface treatment. The prize award took place as part of the opening ceremony at the US SUR/FIN-2017 conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Per Møller in Atlanta, Georgia

Only a few scientists outside the US have received the award. One of the most well-known within the area, is the German professor Ernst Raub, who received the prize in 1974 in honor of his development of the modern theory behind electroplating.

A unanimous prize committee justified the award with the fact that professor Per Møller for many years has contributed internationally to the field of electroplating as well as to the scientific literature by publishing the book “Advanced Surface Technology - A holistic view on the extensive and intertwined world of applied surface engineering”. About the book NASF says “It’s the greatest and most important work within surface technology for the last 40 years”. The book is written in cooperation with Lars Pleth Nielsen, who is director and surface technology researcher at Danish Technological Institute.

With the honorable prize comes the obligation of giving the” William Blum Memorial Lecture”. Professor Per Møller will give this lecture targeting on his research fields at the SUR/FIN conference in Cleveland, Ohio, 2018.

With this award, professor Per Møller places a highly visible and distinguished pin of Danish advanced surface research and development on the world map.

Article by Michael Jensen

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