The joint network meeting - systematic work flow of failure analysis

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Date for the event: 4th of September 2018

At the upcoming joint network meeting one of the talks will be presented by Carsten Jensen and Mikkel Østergaard Hansen from FORCE Technology on the subject:

Physical Failure Analysis – Why and how? – Challenging cases of failure analysis.  


Every day, a larger number of components fail in production or service, failures that often have a large economic and/or safety impact. Thus, there is a large incentive to preventing failures and, in that way, improve product and process reliability, safety and lastly but not least economy.
Prevention of failures are most often related to former experiences extracted from earlier failure analyses. However, failure analyses are often very complex and multi technical. Therefore, failure analysis is most successful when performed following a systematic work flow and conducted by experienced personnel with both specialist and broad technical knowledge.
This presentation will focus on this work flow illustrated with case examples.