Joint Network Meeting 4th of September - Unification of Corrosion Protection - Collaboration in Partnerships

At the joint network meeting the 4th of September we will have the pleasure to get inspired by Trine Nybo Lomholt from FORCE Technology with a presentation on: 

Unification of Corrosion Protection for Offshore Wind Farms - Collaboration in Partnerships


The offshore wind energy industry is focused on reducing the total cost of energy. Industrialized production and standardization are considered increasingly important elements in this pursuit. Cooperation across the industry is a useful tool to succeed on these tasks.

This talk will present a range of projects carried out by more than one partner in the form of Joint Industry Projects (JIPs). The subjects are corrosion protection of monopiles, manufacturing of industrialized jackets, work on more accurate cathodic protection guidelines and standardization and verification of new design curves for welded substructures. Some of these elements account for a large share of the investment and maintenance costs as regards offshore wind energy. The hope is that, ultimately, an as accurate data basis as possible combined with experience and knowledge will lead to more standardized structures and hence reduction of cost. But to be more successful, more cooperation is needed.