The marked development within antennas is going in the direction of larger and more lightweight antennas especially for naval installations. In order to meet these demands, the need for weight reduction is imperative. With Terma’s long history and strong knowledge within composite aircraft structures the design of composite antennas is an obvious path forward to accommodate the requirement for lighter antennas. However, history has shown for the current larger antennas that the loads predictions are not fully covered and controlled. Therefore, it is mandatory to improve the load calculations to get a better coverage of the actual loads seen by the antenna during the antenna lifetime before larger light weight antenna designs are initiated.

The scope of the Fast Track is to review and improve the load assessment to obtain full coverage of the loads seen by the antennas during the lifetime. Therefore, Terma will focus on the following topics during the project:

  • The aerodynamic introduced loads when the antenna is spinning for given wind speeds and wind angle of attack (AoA)
  • The wind distribution at the installation sites and the terrain effects for land and navel installations 
    • The AoA distribution
    • The wind speed distribution
    • Turbulence and wind gust
    • Snow distribution
    • Sea level stage effects – wave heights effects on the antenna AoA and g-loads