The Section for Materials and Surface Engineering (MSE) performs research in the field of materials science and engineering involving theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches. The research is multi-disciplinary and involves aspects of physics, mechanics, chemistry and manufacturing technology. The ultimate goal is to develop optimal material solutions for a certain application addressing societal needs. The research themes pursued in the section can be broadly described as materials design and surface engineering; Microstructure evolution and phase transformations; Materials performance and degradation. The section has extensive experimental facilities for materials synthesis, processing and characterization. Modus operandi is to find solutions for existing problems, for example starting from failure analysis, applying material characterization techniques to identify and thoroughly understand the degradation mechanisms leading to failure. This is coupled with new and innovative, long-lasting materials solutions. Eventually, the performance of the materials solution will be validated and documented under representative environment conditions (mechanical, chemical or biological). The diverse aspects of MSE’s expertise will be joined in order to create optimal solutions. This involves
expertise in:

  • Materials microstructure characterization with laboratory scale and large-scale facilities
  • Materials processing involving thermochemical and electrochemical surface engineering
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics modelling of materials microstructure evolution
  • Characterization of mechanical, electrochemical properties and corrosion performance
  • Identification of degradation mechanisms and lifetime prediction.

MSE expects the following results from collaboration in the project:

  • Education of students at MSc and PhD level through industry-oriented project work;
  • Exchange of scientific insights leading to research-based innovation
  • Further strengthening of the multidisciplinary competences
  • Networking across research institutions and industry

The Technical University of Denmark has 5700 employees 35 % academic, 44% support and 21% PhD fellows. From DTU the section of Materials and Surface Engineering is involved, which consists of a core staff of 13 full-time (associate) professors and senior scientists, 8 Post Docs, 25 PhDs students and 8 supporting staff.