Are you tired of slow problem solving and expensive research-development projects? Our Fast Track Expert Panel specializes in helping innovative companies like yours. We promise to guide you to the right solution for your material challenge; whether it is unexpected corrosion problems, materials fatigue, finding of the proper surface treatment or guidance for material selection. See our areas of expertise below :

Areas of expertise


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  • Our Expert Panel consists of experts from the industry, GTS institutes and universities.

  • Whatever solution you may need you are guaranteed to receive a vast array of perspectives and insights.

  • Our Expert Panel can get you started in one of two ways: we find the solution right away or start up a larger project, if the problem is more complex.

  • In a vibrant and dynamic complex of industries the status quo is never good enough. New solutions are acquired by consulting the best and the brightest to push technology forward.


We offer two options

Find solution within 6 hours
you can gain the benefits from the synergy effects there are from combining a variety of experts, engaging them in a technical discussion that focus on your specific challenge.

Make a project with partners
Sometimes the challenge demands new research and development and the Expert Panel will create a unique team of experts from the industry, GTS institutes and universities, setting up a tailor made project team focused on your challenge and the task at hand.

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We have already solved many materials challenges 

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