Materials network groups - a trust based confidential forum for knowledge and idea sharing, problem-solving and cross-industry networking. 

Connecting companies, universities and GTS-institutes.


Fast Track offers four network groups, each with a different focus area - to carefully match the profiles of your specialists. Click for more information on each group to see which will match your profile the best. 

  • 4-6 annual meetings
  • 4 trust based confidential network groups
  • 15-20 specially selected members from all around the Danish industry and universities
  • Access to online communication portal

Improving each other by facilitating a cross company specialist network within materials science and technology, establishing trust between materials specialists across the Danish industry.

We facilitate 6 annual network meetings, hosted by the group members. The host will present the company and either the daily materials challenges or specific project challenges the host is experiencing. The groups will be presented to different relevant topics, by either internal group members or by external experts that will bring new and inspiring input.

Fast Track will be the facilitator of these meetings and will provide a relevant agenda, send out invitations and find a host. The duration of these meetings can vary between a half to a full day of networking and will be rounded off with a social event. All with a focus on creating an open atmosphere in which ideas and daily challenges are discussed in a closed and confidential forum.

This will secure your company and specialists:

  • A specialist network with roots in the Danish industry where trust and confidentiality between members are of the highest importance.
  • Possible access to equipment located at an industry partner (sharing economy).
  • Specialist development by learning best practices from other industries.
  • Personal match with groups composed by carefully selected specialist profiles.
  • A trust based confidential forum where ideas and challenges can be discussed openly.
  • Innovation by recombination innovation – exposing your materials specialist to new inputs.


    A network by specialists –  for specialists

    We have a strong technical background with close ties to the Danish industry.

    Strong network – between meetings too

    As a member of our network group you have unlimited access to our online communication platform.

    Carefully selected network groups

    The network groups are created with professional compatibility in focus. No conflict of interest.

    Brain sharing

    Sharing is key. Getting specialists within their fields together in one room, the ideas will rise and problems will be solved. 

    Relevant topics – guaranteed

    The themes of each meeting are carefully selected as a collaboration between the network manager and members, the themes are fitted to be relevant for the group.

    You are your network

    There is an increased focus on the value of your network. Make yourself more attractive - expand your network. 

    Idea sharing outside your industry

    By combining experts from different industries, recombination innovation will happen.

    Start-ups and big companies

    By combining specialists from major companies with specialists in start-ups, interesting partnerships can develop.


    + When can I join?

    The network groups are still in the startup phase. All groups will launch primo 2019, but you can allready apply using our sign-up formula here. Free prototype groups will launch in the fall of 2017 or spring 2018.

    + Who can join?

    All specialists within materials science can apply. We will assess all applications and carefully match the specialists to ensure no risk of conflict of interest. It's important that every member of the group can feel free to talk about all challenges in their daily work.

    + What does it cost?

    The prototype groups are free, as we wish to test the concept and use it as a learning experience. Ultimo 2018 a membership subcription will be implemented.

    + How long do the meetings take?

    The meetings take from half a day to a whole day, depending on the theme and location of the meeting.

    + Can I suggest a theme for the meeting?

    Of course you can! The meetings should be as giving for you as possible, and the best way is to agree on the themes for the meetings. The group will agree on the themes for the year in collaboration with the Fast Track meeting leader.

    + Are there external speakers?

    Yes, if it proves relevant for the group, Fast Track will arrange external speakers.

    + How do I stay in touch with other members of the group between the meetings?

    Fast Track provides access to an online communication portal for communication in between the meetings.

    + Who will host the meetings?

    The group members will in turn host the meetings. Each meeting will include a tour of the company and an intro to the current challenges that the host is experiencing.

    + I have a question thats not answered here - who can help me?

    You can contact us here and we will answer your questions.