Elplatek supplies advanced galvanic surface treatments including in-house advanced cleaning procedures to a number of industrial segments, both national and international, such as e.g. telecom, medico and electronic industries. The product portfolio involves both more matured coating systems such as e.g. gold, silver, nickel and a number of newly developed plating technology services, providing innovative solutions to e.g. the renewable energy sector such as cobalt plating for solid oxide fuel cell, nickel plating combined with PVD aluminum, forming high surface area Raney nickel, different alloy plating processes, etc. Plating processes are performed by both in fully automated units and in manual process lines, when special process parameters have to be adjusted. Elplatek is accustomed to developing new processes in
close dialogue with customers and R&D partners and is therefore extremely interested in creating new electrochemical processes solving problems identified by the involved companies and by Elplateks own customers.

Elplatek employees 16 persons. Elplatek is very interested in building long-term business relations solving industrial problems, since this gives the opportunity to develop unique solutions together with the customers. Elplatek believe in working closely together with other industries to develop better solutions for the benefit of all involved

Elplatek expect to reach a higher level of knowledge and develop new coatings and new solutions combining wet-based coatings with e.g. PVD coatings solving important problems at the involved companies. Further, it is expected expect to develop coatings providing new and improved functionalities such as e.g. self-cleaning properties, antibacterial properties, catalytic active surfaces, etc. However, it is important to stress that Elplatek is in this project to develop surface, which as a first priority will solve problems at the companies involved in Societal partnerships. It is expected to find customers among the partners involved. Elplatek expect to expand the developed solutions and application to other segments creating further growth.