Expert Panel


Expert - Per Møller


Expert - Andreas Paulsen

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Expert - Marianne Strange

Marianne is Head of Department of Plastics, Composites and Surface characterization at FORCE Technology. Marianne has a Ph.D. and background in polymer chemistry and now leads a number of specialists within polymers, composites, advanced surface and material characterization, scanning electron microscopy, isotope technics, radioactivity, life cycle assessment (LCA), circular economy, environmental product declaration (EPD), health and risk assessment of chemical substances etc.


Expert - Benny Okholm

Benny is senior technical advisor both internally and externally at Elplatek AS. Benny has a lab technical background and has worked with surface treatment for 35 years, mainly galvanic plating and printed circuit manufacturing. Benny has a good understanding of possibilities and challenges when we talk about surface treatment, and can assist in finding the optimal method depending on the requirements for the components.


Expert - Jesper deClaville Christiansen

Jesper is Professor at Aalborg University, Department of Materials and Production, section of Physics and Mechanical Engineering in the Materials Science and Biophysics research group. The expertise area is Polymers, composites, biomaterials, structure/properties, mechanical properties, diffusion, rheology, processing and micro and nano materials.


Expert - Jørn Gaardsvig Nielsen

Jørn is a Senior Specialist at Terma A/S with  focus on design for harsh environment, materials, surface treatment and corrosion. Jørn is experienced within environmental test methods and test standards


Expert - Karen Pantleon