FORCE Technology is with 1367 employees one of the leading technology, consulting and service companies on the international market. We are a non-profit, independent and unbiased company with GTS (Advanced Technology Group) status and thus dedicated to develop and use technologies and new knowledge for the benefit of Danish companies and the Danish society as a whole. 

FORCE possesses detailed experience on all issues related to metallic materials, coatings, composites, and lifetime prediction and degradation protection from extensive testing, consultancy and failure analysis covering the entire Danish industry. This knowledge together with methods for characterization and advanced testing facilities allow rapid troubleshooting in the process of defining the strategies for introducing new advanced materials and corrosion and erosion protection solutions in order to extend the lifetime of critical components. FORCE also has vast experience in conducting successful commercial projects within tight timeframes similar to the Fast Track concept.

Apart from the core partners, the project will ensure involvement of a wide range of other Danish companies, challenged by the need of developing new materials and corrosion and erosion protection solutions. It is the goal and obligation of FORCE to disseminate new advances in technology to the Danish industry and in particular to SMEs. The project is the ideal platform for developing new component quality criteria and materials protection solutions to be disseminated to the Danish industry. 

An important motivation to participate in the project is to develop new test methods for corrosion- and erosion-resistant coatings. FORCE is already recognized internationally as experts of materials technology within the harsh condition in the energy sector. The project is expected to consolidate this position further through the network and methodology established in the project.