Hempel is global coating supplier working within e.g. the fields of protective and marine coatings. Hempel employs more than 6000 people worldwide, and the company is well known for supplying longlasting and effective coating solutions. The expertise inside the company includes research, development, formulation, and testing of coating systems. Moreover, there is knowledge on surface treatments, corrosion mechanisms and 100 years of practical experiences of coatings on fields. Hempel has experience in supervision and support for students.

Hempel will provide well-defined challenges inside the coating industry, will guide, and collaborate with partners for optimum solutions. Moreover, Hempel will deliver knowledge/perform standard climatic methods used today within the company. Furthermore, Hempel will deliver coatings for the project partners and coated panels for testing and liquid coatings for analysis. The motivation for Hempel in this project is to get synergy of expertise inside the consortium for advanced and improved characterization methods and faster screening techniques. Better characterization and fundamental understanding of physical properties of the coatings is important for better tailoring the film.