Operating in the aerospace, defence, and security sector, Terma supports customers and partners all over the world. With more than 1,100 committed employees worldwide, Terma develops and manufactures mission-critical products and solutions that meet the customers’ needs and requirements. Terma A/S is known worldwide as a reliable partner in innovation of mission-critical solutions and as such, it is vitally important that Terma products fulfil the requirements required by the customer. The FAST TRACK partnership will directly affect Terma’s business by providing access to the leading edge of knowledge in Danish research and industry, thus ensuring cutting edge solutions to business challenges.

The knowledge gained by the FAST TRACK partnership will be shared with Terma’s Danish suppliers, thereby ensuring that the knowledge benefits as much of the Danish industry as possible. Terma will contribute to the project by providing knowledge of industry requirements and expectations with respect to corrosion protection and application. This includes experiences of in-service experience products.

In Denmark Terma A/S has an unrivaled knowledge of aerospace requirements and materials procedures and testing. Terma A/S intends to leverage this knowledge where applicable to other areas of the industry.

The FAST TRACK partnership complements the current Terma A/S research in the areas of next generation
radars and innovative manufacturing methods of advanced materials.